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Custom Medals for Every Occasion

No matter the reason, we believe that excellence deserves recognition. Whether you’re an event director of a marathon, coaching a sports team, or want to recognize an employee who’s gone above and beyond, Maxwell Medals & Awards can help you create a beautiful, customized medal to recognize their hard work. 

Our team has over 45 years in the industry, and we’ve seen it all—which means that we know medals inside and out and can help you create the perfect medal or award. We’ll walk you through every step of the process to ensure we create a custom made medal you can be proud of and show your appreciation. 

What Kinds of Custom Medals Are There?

There are many different kinds of custom medals. Each type of medal has varying manufacturing processes and materials, lending each a unique look and feel to complement your event. Traditionally, the most popular custom medals are made from metals like zinc, brass, copper, and silver. A few of these are:

  • Die Cast Medals are great for advanced design features like 3D sculpting. 
  • Spin Cast Medals are best for small to medium size orders and work well with simple designs.
  • Die Struck Medals can use the finest materials and hold tiny details. 
  • Insert Medals combine a die cast medal and a two-inch full-color insert and are good for a quick turnaround.

Other custom medals are made of acrylic, wood, glass, or even crystal. These medals are a great option when you’re looking for something other than traditional medals to make your event stand out. 

How Much Do Custom Medals Cost?

We get asked this question a lot, and the answer is it depends! The overall cost of creating custom medals depends on the type of medal you choose, the finish, the thickness, how many you need, and how quickly you need them. 

There are ways to minimize your cost while still getting the award you really want. Small things, like ordering early and ordering in bulk, can save money without sacrificing any design elements. 

At Maxwell Medals & Awards, we have many options that will work for your event. We don’t think you should have to sacrifice your vision for the sake of cost, so we’ll work together to find something that fits your needs without compromising quality. 

Partner With Us to Create the Perfect Medals for Your Event

Finding the perfect medal or award to recognize participants for their hard work and dedication can feel overwhelming; that’s where we come in! We’ll collaborate with you to identify your specific desires and requirements and create a custom medal perfect for your occasion that recipients will cherish. 

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