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Custom Running Medals for Any Race

No matter the running event, every finisher deserves recognition. Whether you need cross country medals, 5K medals, or marathon medals, Maxwell Medals & Awards can help you create beautiful, customized running medals.

Our team has over 45 years of experience designing running medals for small and large running events of all kinds. 

For example, we’ve created finisher medals for The New York City Marathon, All-American Medals for the United States Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association, and thousands of high school cross country meets. We’ll walk you through the entire medal design and ordering process to ensure we bring your vision to life at the finish line.

What Kinds of Custom Race Medals Are There? 

We offer different kinds of custom medals for all running events. Each type has different manufacturing processes and materials that give your running medals a unique look and feel that properly promotes your event.

The most popular race medals are typically made of zinc and plated in gold, silver, or bronze finishes. We also offer non-traditional wood or acrylic medals. Our best custom medals for running events include:

Die Cast Medals can incorporate the most design features while providing great value for the price. Road races often use these for their finisher medals. 

ColorMax Medals can incorporate simple or complex designs with UV printing technology and have a quick turnaround time.

Spin Cast Medals are best for small to medium-sized orders and work well with simple designs. They make great high school cross country medals for athletes.

Insert Medals combine a die cast medal and a two-inch full-color insert. They’re economical with a quick turnaround time. They make great fun run and 5K medals.

Wood Medals are laser engraved with simple or complex designs on various types of wood, creating a natural and authentic appearance. Color printing may be applied as well. 

Acrylic Medals offer a unique, high-quality, and economical solution with low minimum order requirements, fast turnaround times, and unique design options. 

How Much Do Custom Finisher Medals Cost? 

The overall cost of creating custom medals depends on a few factors:

  1. Quantity
  2. Size
  3. Design features
  4. Type of medal 
  5. How quickly you need them

Your specific requirements relative to these factors will ultimately determine the price for your custom running medals. 

Maxwell Medals & Awards has many options for your running event and budget. You don’t have to sacrifice your vision for the sake of cost. We’ll work together to find something that fits your needs without compromising quality. 

Partner With Us to Create the Perfect Custom Running Medals

Creating the perfect finisher medal can feel overwhelming; that’s where we come in! We guarantee the best value with state-of-the-art designs, high-quality custom pieces, and on-time delivery. 

We pride ourselves in first-class customer service. Our staff will collaborate with you to identify your specific desires and requirements for your running medals. Our in-house designers can perfect your existing art or bring a vision to life that any runner will cherish. Check out our complete guide to ordering custom medals for more information, or contact us to create your custom running medals today.


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