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Custom Medals | 2 min read
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Event planning is a challenging and rewarding process with many moving parts. An essential responsibility of event planning is budgeting for each part, and this is especially true for securing medals and awards to hand out at your event. 

Establishing a budget for custom medals, while sometimes challenging, makes the process of event planning run more smoothly from start to finish. Read on to learn three key advantages of setting a budget for your custom medal order.

A Budget Helps Determine the Type of Medal You Can Afford

You can determine your budget based on the total amount you want to spend or based on a per-unit basis. Budgeting on a per-unit basis is the most common budgeting method for custom medals. The per-unit budget aligns well with registrations and can help you determine the type of medal you can afford per registration (participant).

The per-unit price of a medal varies depending on several factors. These include the medal's design, features, size, quantity, and type. This information, along with an experienced sales associate, saves time and helps determine which custom medal options are available within your budget. It can also help prevent disappointment by not setting your heart on a medal type, design, or features that exceed your budget.

A Budget Helps You Maximize Design Features 

By knowing how much you can spend on each medal, you can now work with your medal expert to select the best features for your medal and budget. These features may include; size and thickness, enamel color fills, 3D sculpting, sublimated ribbons, attachment options, etc.

Perhaps you will be able to afford a larger or thicker medal than you initially thought. Or, if you choose a smaller or thinner medal, you might save money or could spend it on additional medal features and/or awards.

A Budget Can Save You Time

Shopping for medals with an accurate budget means you won't waste time working on elaborate designs and gathering quotes for medals beyond your budget.

As is often the case, saving time also means saving money. If you waste time early in the planning process, you may run up against tight deadlines.

This often means paying rush charges and expedited shipping which could use up valuable budget dollars better spent on medal features and options.

Would You Win a Medal for Budgeting?

Victory in the world of event planning requires hard work, strategy, and the right teammates. As you do the hard work of budgeting and planning, count on vendors who can guide you through the process based on your specific situation. 

Maxwell Medals & Awards is happy to work as a part of your team to create awesome custom awards. One goal that motivates us is to provide you with the most bang for your buck, and knowing your budget for custom medals helps us accomplish this. So let’s start the conversation.



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