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Custom Medals | 2 min read
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As a race director, you know that organizing a successful running event requires meticulous planning, attention to detail, and creative thinking. One often overlooked aspect of race management that can significantly contribute to the overall success of your event is custom race medals. These small yet powerful tokens of achievement can make a world of difference in the participant experience and the reputation of your race. 

Learn how custom medals can help make your event a resounding success.

Why Should Your Race Medals Be Custom?

Motivation and Recognition

Race medals serve as a symbol of accomplishment and recognition for participants. When runners know they'll receive a highly-crafted, unique running medal upon crossing the finish line at your event, it becomes a powerful motivator. The chance to earn a one-of-a-kind medal often inspires individuals to set and achieve personal goals, drawing more participants to your event.

Boosting Participant Satisfaction

Happy participants return for more and tell their friends about their race. Those custom race medals amp up the whole experience and leave a lasting, joyful impression. When runners get a finisher medal that shows off all the sweat and hard work they put into training and finishing the race, they're more likely to leave with a big smile and a sense of accomplishment. 


Impressive custom medals set your race apart in a competitive field of running events. They become a distinctive feature that participants look forward to. When runners compare races, they often consider the quality and uniqueness of the medals. An exclusive race medal with a cutting-edge design can be the deciding factor for runners choosing your event over others.

Marketing and Branding

Custom race medals present an excellent opportunity for branding and marketing. Incorporating your event theme or sponsor logo(s) on the medals and neck ribbon makes for a cherished keepsake. The running awards you hand out remind participants of your event and spread the word as they proudly showcase it on their race medal display in their homes, workplaces, and social media.

How to Create the Best Custom Running Medals

At Maxwell Medals, we firmly believe that customized race medals and other running awards can enhance your event, especially with a well-thought-out design. Creating an excellent custom medal requires following proven medal design techniques and understanding production capabilities, but an incredible design truly sets it apart. 

We take care of all the details, from developing your timeline to brainstorming ideas with our in-house design department, to ensure that your running medals are one-of-a-kind. Custom medals are not just pieces of metal but powerful tools that race directors can use to elevate their events. 

Investing in customized finisher medals can enhance your race's overall experience and reputation, increasing participation and significantly impacting the running community. 

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