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Custom academic plaques are a terrific way to recognize and honor the accomplishments of students or faculty. Offering individuals a unique, tangible symbol of excellence can encourage academic achievements, performance, and contributions.

Learn about the significance of academic plaques, and discover key tips from our experts to make a bold statement with inspiring plaque awards.

Why Choose Customized Plaques?

Recognize Educational Achievements

Whether you're congratulating students for reading progress, top grades, attendance, or other notable achievements, custom plaques acknowledge students' hard work, dedication, and commitment to academic success.

Boost Motivation and Morale

Acknowledging and honoring individuals with a customized plaque helps motivate students to reach their full potential. Furthermore, presenting a custom plaque can encourage others to achieve success. Showcasing academic awards or current achievements in an eye-catching display case further inspires educational excellence.

Create Lifelong Keepsakes

Academic plaques are a special memento that lasts a lifetime. You can't go wrong with traditional wood plaques, or consider how a custom plaque with photos serves as an immediate flashback, reminding the recipient of their outstanding honor.

Promote Your School or Organization

Plaque ceremonies and recognition events generate positive publicity for your school or organization, highlighting its commitment to academic excellence and showcasing the accomplishments of its members.

Tips For Designing An Amazing Custom Plaque

Maxwell Medals & Awards offers various custom plaques for your awards ceremony. Key considerations for a fantastic academic plaque include:

Plaque Type: Our diverse selection guarantees you'll find the perfect academic plaque for your needs. Select from traditional wood plaques, like red alder or walnut, picture plaques, perpetual plaques, and more.

Choose high-quality materials that reflect the award's prestige and ensure durability. The type of plaque you choose can complement the overall design and communicate the significance of the recognition.

Engraving and Color Printing: We can laser engrave your unique design directly on the wood or on a classic plaque plate. Or, use UV printing, which allows for virtually unlimited color options. Our experts can even combine both methods to create your one-of-a-kind plaque.

Clear and Elegant Design: Keep the design clean and elegant, focusing on readability and visual appeal. Use clear, easy-to-read fonts, and consider incorporating the school mascot or organization's logo for branding.

Personalization: Customizing plaques with specific details like the recipient's name, the award title, and the achievement date. Personalizing academic awards adds a special touch and makes the plaque more meaningful to the recipient.

Incorporate Symbols of Academic Excellence: Incorporating symbols of academic excellence such as books, laurel wreaths, or academic caps and scrolls into the design reinforces the significance of the achievement.

Sustainability: Consider sustainable materials and production methods to minimize environmental impact. Choose materials that are recyclable or sourced responsibly.

Partner With Us For The Best Academic Plaques

We understand the importance of creating the perfect plaque for your academic ceremonies and award presentations. With over 45 years of experience, our team collaborates closely with you, considering your budget, design preferences, and timeline to create a unique, high-quality academic plaque.

Personalized plaques symbolize educational dedication and achievement, motivating and recognizing individuals to strive for excellence. Explore our academic and award plaques, and contact us to get your order and design started.


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