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Custom Medals | 2 min read
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Creating a custom medal is a pretty big deal, no matter the occasion. Whether it's for a social gathering, a sporting event, or a special act of service, a quality custom medal is something recipients treasure for life. That being said, custom medals take a bit of time to design and produce.

Event directors are responsible for overseeing all sorts of tasks to make the big day happen successfully, and with so much going on, they’ll often delay starting their custom medal order because:

  • They want to wait until registration deadlines to understand better the total participants (concerned with ordering too many or too few medals).
  • They’re waiting to hear back from potential sponsors, affecting the artwork/design.
  • They have cash flow concerns.

Don't let this happen to you. Event directors need their medals to arrive on time for the big day, which brings up the popular question: when is the latest I can place my custom medal order?

It Depends!

Like with most custom products you buy, the answer to this is simple yet complex. Of course, the sooner you order your medals, the better, but several factors you should keep in mind could affect the on-time delivery of your impressive awards. Some of these factors include production, logistics, labor, and weather.

Here are a few questions you need to answer to help determine the latest date you can order:

  • When is your event? More importantly, how soon before your event do you need them for staging, promotion, and peace of mind?
  • How many medals do you need? Remember, it’s better to have a few extra medals than not enough.
  • What type of custom medals do you want? The type of medal you choose (cast, wood, acrylics, inserts, etc.) impacts its time to design, produce, and ship.
  • How complex is your design? Medals with complex designs, features, and options may require more time to produce.
  • What is your awards budget? Budget matters because it can help you determine the type of medal you choose, which affects the timeline. Because certain types of medals can be heavier, take longer to produce, or come from overseas, the cost of expedited shipping can be significant.

To avoid paying extra for expedited shipping and to factor in extra time for any occurrences during transit, it's always best to order as early as possible to get the medals you need for the lowest price.

So, When Really is The Latest You Can Place Your Custom Medal Order?

The most honest answer is (still)… it depends!

In addition to quantity and the type of custom medal you choose, other factors can significantly impact the timeline of your order. For example, artwork approval, multiple revisions, order approval, factory production, and transportation play an important role in calculating the latest date you can place your order.

Truthfully, instead of asking, “when is the latest I can place my order?” you should be asking yourself, “when should I place my order?” or, “how soon should I order?”.

This mindset will help secure on-time delivery for your event and improve the likelihood of staying within your budget by avoiding rush or expedited charges. In addition, ordering early allows a little wiggle room in case of unforeseen delays, which can and do happen.

For example, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the worldwide supply chain experienced significant delays and shortages of materials, equipment, and manpower, causing lead times to increase up to 8 weeks longer than the standard.

Ensure Amazing Custom Medals and Timely Delivery

Start the design and order process as soon as you can. Work with a reputable medal vendor who will set realistic expectations and provide information about the time frames that apply to your situation so you can order no later than their advised date.


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