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With your soccer tournament just around the corner, it's time to start planning how to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding performances of your players. Whether it's a local tournament, an elite showcase, or a recreational league, soccer awards are a fantastic way to motivate and honor athletes.

As you search for soccer award ideas, we've got you covered! We have countless options, from quick and simple stock awards to innovative ideas to recognize achievements. We’ll compare different types of awards, including stock, customized, and completely custom soccer awards and medals, and explore various ways to reward team and individual performances, such as top defenders and top scorers.

Additionally, we'll consider high school and league team awards, for instance, commemorating a successful season. So get ready to make your soccer tournament an unforgettable experience with these inspiring and creative soccer award ideas!

Quick and Economical: Stock Soccer Awards for Tournament Success

When it comes to soccer awards, stock options are a practical and cost-effective choice that can provide a fast turnaround. They are especially ideal for youth participants or situations where brand customization is not critical. Here are some examples of stock soccer awards to consider for your event:

Participant Soccer Trophies: Simple participant or column trophies are a great way to acknowledge the efforts of every player in your tournament. These affordable and readily available trophies typically feature a soccer figure on a marble or plastic base. Another choice is a resin trophy with a generic soccer scene like a ball, shoe, and net. In addition, trophies can be engraved with the event's details. These make great youth soccer award options.

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Stock Soccer Medals: Soccer medals are another popular choice for recognizing players' achievements. There are many styles, sizes, shapes, and features. In addition, they are available in gold, silver, and bronze finishes. Event information can be added to the back of the medal by engraving or adding a laser label or flexibrass disc.

Stock Soccer Ribbons: Neck ribbons can be used to add a festive touch to your soccer awards. Stock soccer ribbons are available in different colors, styles, and soccer-themed designs. They can be attached to medals to enhance their visual appeal.

Team Soccer Trophies: Column trophies are a classic option for team awards. These trophies typically feature a soccer ball on top of a column, with multiple columns and tiers. Column trophies are a great way to recognize the collective efforts of a winning team. 

Stock soccer awards are a practical and economical choice for your tournament, providing a fast turnaround, low minimum quantities, and leftovers that can be reused. Consider incorporating these stock soccer award ideas to recognize the achievements of your players and create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Branding Your Soccer Awards: Customized Medals and Trophies for Your Tournament

Customized soccer awards are a great way to make a lasting impression and promote your brand. With the ability to add your logo or event theme, these awards can elevate the recognition experience for your tournament participants.

Customized medals and trophies strike a balance between factors such as time, cost, and customization, making them an ideal choice for promoting your brand and tournament. Consider the following types of customized soccer awards:

soccer awards customized soccer medals

Soccer Insert Medals: Soccer insert medals are a versatile option that allows you to showcase your logo or design on a medal. These medals use a standard Die Cast Medal insert holder and offer various shapes, sizes, and finishes, including design features like spinners and cut-outs.

The focal point includes your custom art on a 2” color insert, giving them a unique look and feel that matches the theme of your event or competition.

Soccer Trophies: Trophies are a classic choice for soccer awards and can be easily customized to represent your brand or tournament. Many of these trophies come with an aluminum or brass plate adhered to the base that is large enough to be engraved or color printed with your unique design. Standup resin trophies or soccer ball trophies are popular choices to reward tournament champions and finalists.

Custom Soccer Medals and Trophies

Do you want to add a touch of prestige and grandeur to your soccer awards? Take inspiration from esteemed soccer events like the FIFA World Cup or UEFA Union of European Football Association awards. These events are known for their iconic and impressive trophies, medals, and awards that represent the pinnacle of soccer excellence. You can use similar design elements, materials, or finishes to create custom medals and trophies that elevate the overall recognition experience for your tournament participants and add a sense of prestige to your event.

Custom soccer awards attract attention to your event and promote your brand. In addition, these awards often become keepsakes and collectibles, motivating teams to return year after year. Here are some popular options:

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Custom Soccer Medals: Custom medals allow you to design distinct and exclusive awards for your tournament. They can have intricate designs featuring 3D sculpting, beautiful enamel color fill, cut-outs, and more. They are available in many finishes, sizes, and custom shapes to create soccer medals that stand out from the crowd.

Custom Sublimated Ribbons: A custom sublimated neck ribbon paired with an outstanding medal makes your event look and feel more professional and gives you a colorful way to have more real estate to promote your event, which adds significant value and appeals to both participants and sponsors.

Custom Soccer Trophies: Custom trophies can feature soccer balls or loving cups and incorporate your tournament's logo or theme, offering a unique way to set your event apart and leave a lasting impression on your champions. These trophies can be customized to your specifications, with options such as plastic, walnut, or piano finish bases, color printed plates, and gold or silver resin soccer balls or loving cups, creating a truly one-of-a-kind award.

Custom Cut Acrylic Soccer Trophies: When looking for different soccer trophies, consider Custom Acrylic Soccer Trophies for a sleek and modern option. These awards are made from high-quality acrylic materials that can be precision-cut to various shapes and sizes, allowing customization to suit your tournament's branding or theme. With clear or colored acrylic, laser-engraved or UV-printed details, and optional bases or stands, custom-cut acrylic soccer awards are a visually stunning and durable choice for honoring team champions in style. Smaller versions of custom cut acrylic trophies can be produced with a pop-in base, an economical option perfect for awarding participants.

When you want your event to stand out and give something truly unique and memorable. Custom-made soccer medals, trophies, and awards reflect the spirit of the game and elevate your tournament's recognition. 

Get Your Soccer Awards

Whether you prefer economical stock soccer medals, customized awards that promote your brand, hard enamel pins or unique trophies and medals inspired by prestigious soccer events, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Consider your event, brand, budget, and desire to stand out to make the perfect choice for your tournament. If you need further assistance, our experts can guide you in the right direction. Contact us today to get started.


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