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jujitsu athletes lined up at martial arts tournament
Medals | 1 min read

Then and Now: The Evolution of Martial Arts Medals

The fascinating history of martial arts dates back thousands of years. Along with the craft, ...
Powerlifter deadlifting weights
Medals | 1 min read

Powerlifting Medals and Trophies—Tips for Amazing Custom Awards

Competitive powerlifting is where strength, determination, and the pursuit of excellence converge. ...
woman gymnast on balance beam with unique gymnastics medals
Medals | 1 min read

Crafting Triumph: Gymnastics Medals with a Purpose

When handing out gymnastics awards at your meet, you should keep two things in mind. First is the ...
flying pig marathon medal custom finisher medals 5K custom running medals
Medals | 3 min read

From 5K to Marathon: Running Medals Make Your Event Memorable

Running great distances is a remarkable feat. Completing a road or trail race can feel like a ...
Medals | 4 min read

Soccer Award Ideas for Your Tournament

With your soccer tournament just around the corner, it's time to start planning how to acknowledge ...
Medals | 2 min read

How To Make Sure Your Medals and Awards Arrive On Time

What keeps event directors awake at night? One thing is wondering if their medals and awards will ...
Medals | 1 min read

Can Medals Be Recycled or Repurposed?

Regardless of how well you planned your event, for various reasons you might have medals leftover. ...
Custom Medals vs. Stock Medals tips on how to choose
Medals | 3 min read

Custom Medals vs. Stock Medals

Tens of millions of athletes participate in sporting events each year. In fact, 2.7 million ...
Medals | 2 min read

3 Tips to Help You Choose Medals and Awards for Your Next Event

When ordering custom medals and awards for your event, your hope is that they will be long ...