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Medals | 3 min read
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Tens of millions of athletes participate in sporting events each year. In fact, 2.7 million Americans participate in 5K races alone each year. They often train for months or even year-round to fine-tune their performance and stamina. But, what do these athletes get in return for their hard work?

In some cases, it's a t-shirt, or maybe a protein shake in a reusable drink tumbler—nothing special. If you really want to give a meaningful award that recognizes achievement, consider a medal.

Awarding a medal is one great way to recognize a job well done. Before you do, though, you'll have to decide between two options: Custom Medals or Stock Medals.

There are advantages to each—here's what you need to know.

Benefits of Custom Medalscustom-medals-cat

A Custom Medal is designed specifically for your event or purpose. They can be any shape or size, have different finishes, features, and options, all of which make your award truly unique.

Obviously, the ability to tailor the design of a medal so it complements the overall theme of an event is a top benefit of choosing to go custom. However, event directors love Custom Medals for a number of other reasons, too.

Check out this list of key benefits to see if Custom Medals are the best option for you!

Promote Your Event and Make It Stand Out

For one thing, going custom with your medal makes your event and/or award stand apart from the pack. The one-of-a-kind feel will make the piece a conversation starter and can be used as a marketing tool to spread the word about your event and share on social media.

Give Something Memorable

A great Custom Medal is memorable and cherished, reminding the recipient of your event and their performance. Positive memories of your event often lead to repeat customers. 

Attract Participants and Sponsors

Custom Medals will help attract participants and sponsors. Participants might be drawn to an event when they see the awesome medals and other promotional items that will be given out. For this reason, it's important for your medal to be high-quality and unique so it stands out from the rest.

A Custom Medal presents an opportunity to attract sponsors who want to support a good cause or get their brand in front of a lot of people by featuring their logo on the medal or neck ribbon design.

High Perceived Value and Quality

Custom Medals have a high perceived quality and value, which is why they're always well-received by event participants. Athletes who train to perform at a high level appreciate receiving something of great value for their efforts as well as their hard-earned registration dollars.


Benefits of Stock Medalsstock-medals-cat

There are times when a Custom Medal might not work for you depending on factors like timing, quantity, and budget. If this is the case, you'll want to consider Stock Medals.

They come in predetermined sizes and feature a generic sports graphic/event theme on the front of the medal. While there are limitations, you can customize Stock Medals to a degree with engraving, laser labels, color options, etc.

Here are the main benefits of Stock Medals:

A More Budget-Friendly Option

Stock Medals are usually less expensive than Custom Medals. Keep in mind, however, this isn't always the case. As your quantity of Stock Medals increases, the gap (price difference) between the cost of a Stock Medal and a Custom Medal narrows.

Fast Turnaround Time

Stock Medals, by definition, are medals that are already in stock, meaning you can get them quickly. If your event is approaching fast and you don’t think you have time to order Custom Medals, don't toss out the idea of medals altogether. Stock Medals may be a great solution since they can be ordered and received in two weeks or less.

Low Minimum Order Quantities

Typically you face higher minimum order quantities with Custom Medals than you do with Stock Medals. In this case, Stock Medals can be a great option for events with small participation numbers. Even in small quantities, you can always count on Stock Medals to be economically priced.

Leftover Medals Won’t Go To Waste

Because they don’t want to come up short (extra is better than not enough!), many event directors end up with leftover medals. If the medals are dated or have specific customizations, they most likely can't be used at any future events.

However, if you have leftover Stock Medals, you can purchase more of the same design to be used at a future event. Who doesn't love saving money and eliminating waste?

The Right Medal Choice for You

Custom Medals, or Stock Medals? Now that you know the key benefits of each, you can feel confident in selecting which type is right for you. No matter which option suits you best (or if you still need help figuring it out), our experts are here to guide you in the right direction. Contact us today to get started.



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