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The fascinating history of martial arts dates back thousands of years. Along with the craft, martial arts medals, from ancient symbols to contemporary designs that reflect modern values, have also evolved. 

Our experts aim to create unique martial arts awards that honor hard work and dedication and make your tournament stand out. Let's explore how old traditions combine with new trends to create amazing custom martial arts medals.

Martial Arts Medals: Traditional and Modern Designs 

Medals had a simple yet powerful symbolism in the early days of martial arts. They usually had engraved ancient symbols that represented strength and discipline. Japanese martial arts, like judo and karate medals, often had engraved dragons, cherry blossoms, or kanji characters.

These traditional designs aimed to capture the style of martial arts and its deep-rooted heritage, infused with cultural and spiritual significance. They drew on the traditions and symbolism of the specific martial arts style.

The details and craftsmanship that went into creating these medals recognized top performance and reflected the values of the martial arts themselves.

Tradition With A Twist: How To Create Modern Martial Arts Medals

Martial arts have come a long way, as have the medals that recognize achievements in this sport. Today's medals reflect the values of the discipline while incorporating modern elements. Unique design features represent the essence of different martial arts disciplines and reflect event themes.

The shift in martial arts medal design has raised their appeal and is a source of inspiration. The modern, elegant designs of martial arts medals symbolize the continuous pursuit of excellence.

Custom medal designs capture this evolution by blending tradition with innovation. In recent years, demand for popular features for martial arts medals includes things like size (large), weight (heavy), unique shapes, sleek designs with bright colors, double finish medals, alternative materials like wood and acrylic, and more.

Elevate Your Tournament with Unique Martial Arts Medals 

The evolution of martial arts medals from traditional to modern designs highlights the adaptability and innovation of this ancient art form.

Our experts have over 45 years of experience creating custom medals that honor achievements and represent the ever-changing landscape of martial arts. Whether you want medals that pay homage to tradition or embrace the latest trends, we produce amazing designs that embody the spirit of martial arts in every era.

Ready to impress participants and make your tournament stand out with custom martial arts medals? Let’s start the conversation. 


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