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Sponsors are often a massive part of what makes an event possible. But, before you start thinking about which sponsor(s) you want to partner with or how certain sponsors might help your event grow, it's essential to consider whether or not the relationship is a good fit. 

Many brands/sponsors have a "what's in it for me" mentality and aren't looking for a partnership—they want a transactional relationship. What's truly important is that you find sponsors who share your ideas and want to offer something of value to the community.

Once you have a solid understanding of potential sponsors' values and motivations, you know how to meet their needs and provide them with an offer they can't refuse. Ultimately, this will allow you to promote the partnership, your cause (if there is one), your mission, and the event itself to both of your audiences.

What Are Sponsors Looking For in a Partner? 

Even tremendously generous and philanthropic sponsors are looking to increase brand recognition and see a return on their investment. What they want from your event is brand visibility, an affinity for the cause you're supporting, a similar audience/demographic so they reach the right people, and a quality event that matches their standards.

Of course, their goals and objectives will be different and can vary widely for each potential sponsor. They may consider: the type of event, where it is held, any causes the event supports, etc...

More than ever, sponsors are looking for a way to engage with new audiences and connect with participants and attendees to share their messages. Not only are sponsors curious to know how many people are participating or attending, but also who and why.

How Custom Medals Attract More Sponsors

Events that stand out above the rest attract sponsors more easily. Something that might help you stand out is a one-of-a-kind custom medal.

Beautifully designed, high-quality custom medals will be treasured and adored by your participants, so offering your sponsors a logo placement on the medal and neck ribbon is incredibly valuable. This approach also adds credibility and integrity to the event and those who sponsored it.

There is absolutely something to be said for "going custom" when creating medals and awards, regardless of how big or small that award may be. Not only is it a physical token that recognizes accomplishment, but it's also a representation of what the event and the sponsor are all about.

Furthermore, the better the medal, the more participants you'll attract to the event, which means an even bigger audience for potential sponsors. A boost in registrations is a powerful tool for companies looking to promote their brand. Custom medals also play a significant role in motivating people to participate in your future events.

Great Sponsors Love Great Custom Medals

No matter what type of event you're hosting, you can count on beautifully designed custom medals to help attract sponsors and impress participants. Need more info to help guide you in the right direction? Check out our FREE Guide 5 Tips For Designing An Amazing Custom Medal to learn how to create the most impressive custom medals.


5 Tips For Designing an Amazing Custom Medal

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