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5 Great Benefits of Giving Out Custom Medals at Your Event

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5 Mistakes Event Directors Make When Designing Custom Medals (and How To Avoid Them)
Design | 2 min read

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Custom Medals

One of the most rewarding parts of completing an event or participating in a competition is getting ...
Design | 2 min read

How Custom Medals Can Attract More Sponsors

Sponsors are often a massive part of what makes an event possible. But, before you start thinking ...
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4 Things To Know Before Designing Custom Neck Ribbons

Custom neck ribbons, just like custom medals, can delight your participants and showcase your event ...
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7 Practical Uses for Your Running Medals

As an event director, you want participants to admire and share the custom medals, ribbons, ...
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Enhance Your Custom Medals with Olympic Caliber Neck Ribbons

Looking to build recognition for your event and attract more sponsors and participants? A ...