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Custom Medals | 2 min read
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Although it seems obvious that 5K runners deserve a beautiful finisher medal, you might be surprised to hear that many don’t get an award for their accomplishments. As a race director, this presents you with an opportunity to make your 5K stand out (and it probably won’t cost you as much as you think!). 

Every runner wants (and deserves) to leave your 5K with a fantastic medal around their neck. Even receiving an ordinary stock running medal after a race can give people warm fuzzies, so it’s easy to imagine how a one-of-a-kind medal with a high-quality neck ribbon leaves a positive, lasting impression on participants.

Read on to learn how investing in custom race medals can bring greater success to your 5K through visibility, growth, and return registrations. 

Reward Runners & Grow Your Events

Investing in custom running medals sets your race apart from the start. 5K runs with finisher medals are more attractive to potential participants; if you promote that they’ll receive a unique medal at the finish line, it will motivate runners to register for your event. 

Promoting your finisher medals is an easy way to engage and entice people to register. Order your custom medals well in advance to utilize them as a marketing tool (and help you save the most money) before race day. You can also repurpose the final medal artwork for digital/online marketing.

Aside from advertising the medals to promote your race, you can also rest easy knowing that when the event is over, participants will be so impressed with their award that they show it off to friends, family, and social media. Impressed participants are likely to return and influence others to register for your future events.

Increase Brand Awareness & Attract Sponsors

A custom race medal for runners who cross the finish line is a great way to promote and grow your brand. This can be accomplished with a cool finisher medal design that our artists will create for you by incorporating the theme, logo, brand elements, and sponsors of your event.

Sponsors love to partner with you if they know their brand, name, and logo will be prominently displayed and advertised. It’s even more exciting to them when you can offer prime, permanent real estate options on a special custom medal and neck ribbon.

With the proven success of your 5K race, the door to connect with and secure sponsors for any events you host in the future is wide open. The better your race is perceived, the more sponsors and registrations you’ll attract, and an awesome custom running medal helps do both.

Set Your 5K Apart With Custom Race Medals

By giving runners a great running medal when other 5K races don’t, there’s a higher perceived value of your event. As a race director, one of your main goals is to make your event stand out. Adding a unique element, like custom finisher meals, can increase future registrations, spark conversation about your event among the community, and ultimately grow your event by securing the best sponsors.

If you’re considering getting custom finisher medals for your 5K and want to learn the best way forward, start the conversation with one of our race industry experts who will guide you through the process.



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